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BMC Remedyforce Winter 2019 Release

BMC Remedyforce Winter 2019 Release

Remedyforce Winter 2019 Release was posted in February 2019, here’s a quick snapshot of what’s new or changed for BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 19.02. For complete details, we recommend reading through the complete documentation on the BMC website.

Updates and Enhancements

  • BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment enhancements
    • Support for Java 11
    • Package deployment enhancements
    • FIPS-compliant libraries support
  • BMC Remedy AR System enhancements
    • Improved Flashboards
    • Swagger specifications for REST APIs
    • New REST API for field metadata
    • Multi-threaded archiving in AR System server
  • BMC Remedy Smart Reporting enhancements
    • Execute database functions using Freehand SQL
    • Custom reports using Advanced Authoring
    • Business metric via Stories
    • Enhancements to Report Builder, Chart Builder, Tooltip and Clustering
  • BMC CMDB enhancements
    • Archive CMDB data
    • Create/edit CIs using CMDB Explorer
  • BMC Remedy Single Sign-On enhancements
    • Kerberos authentication
    • Signed SAML metadata
    • Configure SSO and server for remotely-hosted applications
    • Cookie security
  • BMC IT Service Management enhancements
  • BMC Knowledge Management enhancements
    • Approval mapping
  • BMC Service Request Management enhancements
    • Create work orders from templates
    • Export/import zip files
  • Remedy with Smart IT enhancements
    • Resolve incidents in Chat
    • Access Knowledge Console with Knowledge Viewer permission
    • Enhancements to Smart Recorder
    • Logical expression support for provider actions
    • Activity tab enhancements and search

If you would like any of these features of the Remedyforce Winter 2019 Release explained to you and how they may/may not impact your implementation, schedule your Remedyforce Health Check with us today.

Have you had your Remedyforce Health Check yet?

Every new release brings its own set of features and enhancements that can introduce new variables into your environment. Connect with Oceanforce and order a Health Check.

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