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Oceanforce Solutions Expands Into Salesforce

Oceanforce Solutions Expands into Salesforce

Oceanforce Meets Salesforce Through Expanded Services

Oceanforce Solutions is excited to offer our services and expertise not only with BMC Helix Remedyforce, but also into the newly expanded realm of Salesforce. It’s a natural expansion for us, as BMC Helix Remedyforce works within the Salesforce platform, with the two coexisting to provide great ITSM support and service. If you aren’t familiar with Salesforce or want to know more about what Salesforce can do, we’ll run through its strengths and how Oceanforce will be supporting clients on the Salesforce platform. 

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the world’s largest Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM provider. Over 150,000 businesses internationally use Salesforce as their CRM of choice to do everything from simplifying their sales pipeline to better managing their marketing efforts, as well as integrating apps and providing better customer support. You can think of Salesforce as the main course with BMC Helix Remedyforce as the complimentary side dish.  

Salesforce states that it can be used to: 

  • Work together with a shared view of every customer 
  • Personalize your customer experiences using AI 
  • Boost productivity using automation, enablement, and insights 
  • Scale and tailor for any size business in any industry
  • Keep your data secure on a proven, trusted platform 

The Salesforce platform is flexible enough that it fits large companies, small companies, nonprofits, and even start-ups without sacrificing functionality and ROI on either end of the scale. It also works across a wide variety of industries from banking and government work to IT, Communications, Retail and Media. If your business has customers, then Salesforce can help you manage them and provide support. 

How Oceanforce Can Help

Here at Oceanforce, we can help if you’re at the very beginning of your Salesforce journey or if you’ve been using it for years and are looking for a tune-up. We offer a range of services including: 

  • Salesforce Health CheckOceanforce will analyze your current installation and custom configurations and help you get a better understanding of your current environment. 
    • Remotely delivered
    • SOW provided
    • Buy now, use now 
  • Salesforce Quick Start: Many new customers of start using and customizing their org (nickname for your installation) without a clear understanding of how their business process will fit into the default workflows. Let our Salesforce certified experts guide you through the setup and configuration to help ensure your success. 
    • Remote and on site
    • Strategy and design 
    • Best practice templates 
    • Admin training 
    • Process documentation 
  • Salesforce Support: If you don’t have a dedicated, full-time staff member in charge of managing customization, let Oceanforce act as your Salesforce administrators and leave the complex solutions development to us.

    • Remotely supported 
    • Phone and email support for your administrators 
    • Yearly Health Checks 
  • Salesforce Full EngagementA custom solution, designed and developed for your business. Oceanforce can help you design and build out your org in order to maximize end-user adoption and make administration easier. 
    • Remote and on site 
    • Strategy and design 
    • Best practice templates 
    • Admin training 
    • Customized configurations and workflows 
    • Process documentation 
    • Pre and post go-live assistance 

Support and Custom Solutions

Oceanforce Solutions is a certified consulting, implementation and support firm. With our four core services, we can support your business whether you’re completely new or well-versed in Salesforce. Our approach to Salesforce delivers solutions that support the way you do business, integrates seamlessly with your other IT investments, and gets adopted by your end users. 

A successful Salesforce implementation is about more than just loading up the system and turning it on. We understand your complex business models and design solutions tailored specifically to your environment. That’s why we’re excited to bring Salesforce support under the Oceanforce Solutions areas of expertise umbrella. 

Contact us about your Salesforce solutions with Oceanforce!

Now that we’ve expanded into Salesforce, learn more about the kinds of support and solutions that we can help you with on your Salesforce journey.

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