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Salesforce Feature Deep Dive: Einstein Next Best Action

Einstein Next Best Action

What is Salesforce’s Einstein Next Best Action? 

The Einstein Next Best Action tool is a form of AI within the Salesforce interface that uses recommendations, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence to synthesize tactics, strategies, and business insights at lightning speed. The challenges for businesses today often don’t revolve not having enough data but synthesizing an ever-increasing amount of incoming information. Data and business analysts can only accomplish so much to keep up with changing trends and incoming data. Using Einstein Next Best Action supports the human side of the equation by helping employees make the right decisions at the right moment, based on imported data and AI synthesized information. It quickly integrates, delivers, and activates the most pertinent information when you need it. 

How does this tool help me and my organization? 

Einstein Next Best Action can help make customers and employees happier by analyzing insights to predict if a client has a high level of attrition or is likely to accept an upsell offer. It also can act as a high-level recommendation tool. Admins can add rules for recommendations that are specific to geographic areas. Customer service representatives in Mexico may be reminded to say “gracias” instead of “thank you” as the representatives based in the United States would be. Or it can remind customer service members to offer regionally specific discounts to customers on the East Coast versus the West Coast to close a deal. 

The tool can be used as much or as little as you prefer. With an amazing amount of potential, Einstein Next Best Action can provide guidance to take advantage of opportunities to close more deals and provide more exception customer services. 

Using Einstein Next Best Action 

Incorporating this tool into your workflow is easy, once you’ve set it up. Instead of using multiple monitors or swapping between excel spreadsheets and PDFs full of charts to your Salesforce dashboard, Salesforce will house all your business insights. You can then view insights while reviewing your contact dashboard and other Salesforce information. You can also choose what kinds of insights and recommendations are available to your Salesforce users.  

It isn’t just Sales that can take advantage of it! Marketing, Service, and Commerce departments can all have custom-tailored insights that help each team. Service tools such as sending follow up emails and requests to customers who have contacted the Service team can help solve problems faster. Cultivated marketing offers can be sent to customers and leads dependent upon their location, stage in the buyer’s journey, or their likelihood to purchase. And commerce teams can use Einstein Next Best Action to determine a customer’s engagement, recommend bundled products based on previous purchases, and recommend follow up actions to customers or leads who have higher levels of engagement on your website. 

Getting Started 

If you aren’t familiar with the Einstein tools in Salesforce or are unsure how to best optimize Einstein Next Best Action for your business, connect with an Oceanforce Solutions expert today. We’ll be able to work with you to find the best use cases for the tool, brainstorm recommendation points that make sense in your sales process, and set up your account to take full advantage of this technology. 

Learn More About How Einstein Next Best Action Can Work For You

Oceanforce helps our clients stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce tools and technology. Contact Oceanforce today to set up a time to discuss how to take full advantage of what Salesforce has to offer for your business.

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