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What We Expect From The Salesforce Winter ’20 Release

What We Expect From the Salesforce Winter ’20 Release

As we close in on the final quarter of 2019, it’s time for another seasonal Salesforce update: the Winter ‘20 release. With the Winter ‘20 release becoming globally available on October 14th, and some features already available via the Sandbox Preview, here are a few things to look forward to from this season’s update. 

The Lightning experience will be permanently enabled when turned on. As Salesforce continues to encourage users to adopt the new Lightning mode, you can now opt-in to Lightning mode without needing to switch back from the old Salesforce Classic interface. Additional in-app prompts, tools, and guides will help make the switch to Lightning simpler moving forward. 

New features that add to the Einstein capability. A handful of new skills for Salesforce’s Einstein AI tool include Einstein Forecasting (provides a quarterly forecasting schedule), Einstein Case Classification (save field values to cases automatically), and updates to Einstein Discovery and Einstein Activity Capture.

Field Service time sheets now available on mobile app. Give your field workers accessibility on the go to track their hours. 

Salesforce CMS is now generally available. Create, edit, and publish content in Salesforce using Salesforce’s CMS tools, that you can control access to via user permissions. 

Improvements will be added to File Sharing. You’ll also be able to do a File Removal without deleting the file itself. 

Addition of new industry specific clouds. There will be four new additions to the industry-specific Salesforce Solutions. Manufacturing Cloud and Consumer Goods Cloud make it easier for businesses to track production and sales processes, as well as store inventory management, respectfully. Financial Services Cloud adds new tools tailored to mortgage customers and the Health Cloud adds tools for better connecting patients with care providers. 

Ability to set up navigation menu variations. This extends beyond your main navigation menu and menu tile components. You can also create navigation menu variations cloned from existing menus or variations for different theme layouts. 

After Winter ‘20 releases globally and we’ve had time to see how users interact with the latest updates in real time, we’ll write a second review summarizing our experiences and what are the biggest takeaways from it. 

For more information about the Winter ‘20 release, you can visit the Salesforce Release website. If you’re wondering what the latest release means for you and your Salesforce account, reach out to the Oceanforce team to get answers that are based on your needs and your account. 

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