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Salesforce Winter ’20 Release: Overview and Key Takeaways

Salesforce Winter ’20 Release – Now What?

Now that we’ve had some time to look through and experience the latest updates included in the Salesforce Winter ‘20 release that went live globally on October 14, we’re ready to share with you additional improved experiences that are worth getting to know from this seasonal Salesforce release. We’ll be highlighting features from across the entire Salesforce spectrum, and the biggest updates that are the most likely to be taken advantage of or make a difference for the most people.

Without further ado, here’s the Oceanforce Solutions Salesforce Winter ’20 Release Overview.

Major Updates and Top Takeaways

  • High Velocity Sales: Sales Cadence Branching : You now can create different call branches for your sales team so that they are prepared for various scenarios, and always know the next best step, whether that’s leaving a voicemail or making a note to follow up later. 
  • Sales Cloud Einstein: Forecasting Enhancements: You can now make quarterly predictions for your sales organization using Einstein AI. Your Sales Teams can build more frequently updated and more accurate forecasts. 
  • Einstein Case Routing: Einstein AI uses previous field entries to predict case fields to triage cases in the Einstein Service Cloud. Your service teams just got additional support from Einstein AI! 
  • Transactional SMS Messaging: Customers can use text messages to send and track transactional messages. This includes features like purchase confirmations, receipts, financial alerts, and password resets. Provide support to your customers wherever they are! 
  • Journey Builder – Einstein Send Time Optimization: Using Einstein AI technology combined with a Journey Builder action, you can send messaging at the perfect time to customers based on their own individual engagement. No more trying to guess when and where your customers will open and read your messages. 
  • Salesforce Content Management System (CMS): You can now provide CMS services directly from Salesforce! Create, manage, and store digital content in a single place, or deliver digital-first content in an aesthetically pleasing way. 
  • Salesforce B2C Commerce – Page Designer: No need to hand code anymore. Using drag and drop modules, you can quickly and easily build commerce websites when you need them, all within the Salesforce framework. 
  • Real-Time Event Monitoring: By storing and monitoring events in real time in the Salesforce cloud, you can create alerts for unwanted actions or suspicious activity.  
  • New Salesforce Mobile App: Lightning mode bridges the gap between Salesforce on desktop and on the Salesforce app. You can build custom apps or custom components as well. 
  • Sales Agreements: Using this feature, you can unite Sales teams with Marketing team to get a bird’s eye view of how all accounts are performing. Get deeper insight into forecasted versus actual sales pipeline. This is an addition with the Manufacturing Cloud, now available! 
  • Retail Execution for Consumer Goods Cloud: Knowing when and where to stock commerce goods used to be more of a guessing than a number game. Now with the addition of the Consumer Goods Cloud, you can use solid formulas to build a schedule so that field reps can stock and promote at the optimum time. 
  • Essentials Collection on AppExchange: Collect your most important apps and programs into one place so you no longer have to hunt to find them. With the small business collection on the AppExchange, you can find DropBox, Mailchimp, DocuSign, ActiveCampaign, and more integrations on one platform. 
  • Einstein Discovery – Live Model Monitoring: Einstein AI can keep tabs on multiple predictive models to ensure organization goals are being met. If one model is underperforming, you’ll receive an alert, so that you are always on top of your organization’s performance.  
  • Help Portal Enhancements: After all these updates, it’s only natural that Salesforce would improve its Help Portal as well. An improved live chat UI, updated content, and new case scheduler capabilities mean that you can always find help when you need it. 

Moving Forward

Depending on your Salesforce set-up and your industry’s needs, only a handful of these updates may apply to you. Or you may find that a whole section of the list includes features that your organization can take advantage of sooner rather than later. If you’re looking for more insight into the Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release, you can visit the Salesforce website. But you can always reach out to the team at Oceanforce Solutions to learn more about what features make sense for your business. 

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