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Preparing For Dreamforce 2019

Preparing for Dreamforce 2019

With Dreamforce ‘19 less than two weeks away, it’s time to get serious about planning for your trip to one of the largest tech conferences in not just the United States, but across the entire world. How are you preparing for Dreamforce 2019?

Whether you are experiencing the conference for the first time or are making the pilgrimage back, here are Oceanforce’s tips to getting the most from the Dreamforce experience. 

  1. Plan Ahead (Loosely): Download the Dreamforce app (click here to open the Apple App Store) to bookmark sessions that interest you the most and see what days will be busiest based on your hypothetical agenda. Although most people overschedule the first day, our advice is to choose only a couple of sessions each day, so that you have room for networking, speaking with sponsors, and traveling between the expo halls in between sessions. Don’t book back-to-back sessions. Even if you’re wearing running shoes, you won’t want to be running from one building to another. 
  2. Pack for the Marathon: Speaking of comfortable shoes, it’s worth mentioning that Dreamforce is a marathon, not a sprint. Not only should you apply that attitude to your program schedule but also to your attire. Comfortable, walkable shoes and clothes that will support you during long days on your feet and take you from outdoor to indoor temperatures throughout the day are a necessity. 
  3. Get on The List: There isn’t really an official list, but it’s been said that some of the real magic of Dreamforce happens during the after parties. There’s the Dreamfest official party hosted by Salesforce that in the past has hosted entertainers like Metallica, but also all the partner hosted parties and celebrity A-list events as well. If the time difference will have you up at night, or you’re a night owl, download the Partyforce app to schedule your nightlife activities throughout the week. 
  4. Pack a Phone Charger. Then Pack Another: Although the merits of bringing a laptop or netbook to Dreamforce are debated each year by attendees, it’s safe to say that you’ll want to have your phone with you during the event at the very least. Many partners in the expo hallwill offer charging cables, and there are charging stations throughout the Dreamforce event, we recommend packing several charging cables and having them with you as you attend sessions. 
  5. Get Salesforce Certified: One unique benefit of attending Dreamforce in person is that you’re able to get Salesforce Certified at 50% off. Here’s a Salesforce blog post about why you should consider getting certified at Dreamforce (it was written for Dreamforce ‘17 but still has helpful information). 
  6. Stay Flexible: By day two or three, you may be more interested in having a one-on-one conversation in the Dreamforest than attending another breakout session. Many of the sessions are videotaped to watch after Dreamforce ends so, relax and enjoy some necessary down time during the conference. 
  7. Don’t Forget the Basics: When you’re packing, besides your multiple charging cables and comfy shoes, don’t forget other essentials like a warm jacket, plenty of business cards, and room in your suitcase for official Dreamforce swag. 

Dreamforce ‘19 is sure to be an amazing event, with over 50+ keynote speakers lined up, more than 2700+ breakout sessions and events, and the legendary Fleetwood Mac headlining the Dreamfest official afterparty. If it’s your first time attending, good luck and plan on having lots of fun. When you come back afterwards, schedule a time to talk with an Oceanforce Solutions expert to help enact all of the amazing ideas you gathered during the conference.

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