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Why Voice Capabilities Can Benefit Your CRM: Salesforce Einstein Voice Skills

Why Voice Capabilities Can Benefit Your CRM: Salesforce Einstein Voice Skills

“Alexa, tell me the news.” 

Voice commands integrated with technology that once felt futuristic may feel common place in today’s average American household. The new frontier of voice-controlled AI is finally expanding out of the house and into the business world, and Salesforce is leading the initiative with their latest announcement of Einstein Voice Skills. 

Just as it’s easier to communicate between people using your voice, it’s also a natural, efficient way to communicate with technology. It wasn’t always this way though. It took time to integrate and a huge improvement in the technology for consumers to adapt to having devices that are listening in their homes. But as the capabilities of voice-driven devices have proliferated and grown, it has made way for that same technology to expand into the business sector. 

Why Add Voice Technology to Salesforce?

Salesforce’s main drive for adding the Einstein Voice Skills to its repertoire of available functions is the ease of communication and accumulating data. Any CRM system, or Customer Relationship Management database, is only as strong as the data that is kept within it. If contact records are kept up to date and brimming with information, then you’ll be able to pull lots of reports and scrutinize a variety of analytics based on that changing data. If updating and adding data to your CRM is an afterthought, it won’t be very useful.  

The purpose of Einstein Voice Skills is to bridge that gap. Voice driven data can help fill in data gaps that happen when business isn’t conducted in front of a computer. Realistically, business still happens over the phone, face-to-face, or out in the field. It isn’t always easy to input data in those environments. Einstein Voice Skills allows salespeople on the go, for example, to tell Einstein their notes from their car or phone, or anyone else out in the field to get their thoughts and data into the system.  

Additional Benefits to Using Voice Skills

Another benefit is that using the voice skills to input data allows for more robust, granular data to be captured into your CRM. Instead of inputting data into single data fields, full sentences and thoughts can be captured. This is a huge benefit for Salesforce users because it isn’t just the quantity of the data that’s important, but also the quality. Having a developed full range of data means that your analytics and reporting become more in-depth as well. The results of a recent campaign, upcoming sales pipeline, and other custom reports will only be a voice command away, interacting with the data you said to Einstein. 

Salesforce also announced that with the Einstein Voice Skills, it will be adding two new voice intelligent solutions specific to phone calls that are integrated with Salesforce: 

  • Service Cloud Voice: Sales Cloud Capability that helps coach customer service representatives by providing AI driven responses for better handling service calls
  • Einstein Call Coaching: Sales Cloud Capability that can provide data for managers to understand how calls are going for their team 

Salesforce knows that business deals are made over the phone as much as they are via an in-person conversation. Incorporating Einstein’s Voice Skills into conversations over the phone will help Sales and Customer Service teams alike in providing better service and converting more leads. 

How will Einstein Voice Skills work?

The capability is still being beta-tested right now, but you can see it in action here.

A short list of functions that Einstein Voice Skills will be able to do include: 

  • Taking notes by talking conversationally into your phone
  • Automatically tag notes to certain projects, deals, and contacts 
  • Einstein will recommend follow-up tasks and updates for you 
  • Opening your salesforce dashboard 
  • Sharing data with meeting participants 

Oceanforce Solutions is looking forward to learning more about Einstein Voice Actions when it’s fully released in the near future. If you’re looking to learn more about Einstein Voice integrating with your Salesforce ecosystem, contact our team today. 

Are you using the latest skills in your Salesforce account?

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