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What To Know As A New Salesforce Administrator

What To Know as a New Salesforce Administrator

Becoming a Salesforce Administrator is not an easy task. However, it is a rewarding and challenging role as the leader of your organization’s Salesforce account. Learning about your new role and the tasks associated with being an administrator will take time to learn and become comfortable with. Luckily, the Salesforce community, including Oceanforce Solutions, is here to help! We’ve created a list of resources and goals about what you need to know as a new Salesforce administrator.

As a new Salesforce admin, here are our words of advice, FAQ’s, and top tips as you take on this new role and challenge in your Salesforce journey: 

  • Get Official: There’s an official Salesforce admin website that will become your new best friend. Visit to familiarize yourself with the admin community, get admin-specific news, and learn more about your new role. Sign up for the newsletter, blog updates, and hear about webinars as they become available. 
  • Always Be Learning: The Salesforce community provides Trails (like this New Admin Trail) and Community Groups so you can learn new skills, stay up to date with new Salesforce tools, and know about upcoming launches.  
  • Keep Communicating: It’s your job to know the system inside and out but keeping your users in the know and helping them learn new skills will keep everyone happy 
  • Build a Network: Collaboration within your organization is awesome but building a community with other admins through Salesforce will keep you from feeling isolated if oyu are the only admin for your organization 
  • Eyes on the Prize: Learning Salesforce is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes months, maybe even years to be able to feel comfortable being a highly competent experienced admin user. But that shouldn’t keep you from moving forward and learning as much as possible when you’re first starting out. 
  • Learn by Listening: You don’t have to be at a computer to keep learning about Salesforce Admin topics. Download the Salesforce Admin podcast and learn more about tools and tricks that other admins share within the community. 
  • Review New Admin Materials: Signing up for future webinars and podcast episodes is good, but there’s an entire treasure trove of content on the Salesforce Admin website that you can and should begin to make your way through as a new admin. Look for previous webinars that are specifically tailored to new admins, like this one. 
  • Attend Dreamforce: This may only happen once a year, but the Dreamforce conference is the penultimate Salesforce event of the year. It’s one of the biggest conferences in the tech community.  
  • Ask an Expert: When all else fails, and you can’t find an answer you are looking for in the Salesforce community, if your company has consultants working with them, ask a team member! Oceanforce Solutions provides expert advice and skills for businesses that need to be running efficiently and fully optimized. Asking us for help is exactly what we’re here to do. 

One of the best courses of action to get set up right away is to integrate yourself into the Salesforce community. There are events and group meetings that happen locally across the country and the world as opportunities to get to know other admins in your area. Even if you’re the only admin for your organization, there are plenty of other admins that you can get to know in the global, digital Salesforce admin community. They’ll help guide and point you in the right direction to becoming the best admin that you can be. 

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