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Spring ‘20 Salesforce Update And Lightning Delay

Spring ‘20 Salesforce Update and Lightning Delay

Before we talk about the Spring ’20 Salesforce release, we have an important announcement regarding the Lightning experience.

Important Note!

Salesforce has delayed the upcoming Lightning Experience auto-launch to January 31st, 2020. You now have until the end of the month to turn on your Lightning Experience or prepare to experience it for yourself on January 31st. 

If you are interested in learning more about this delay, you can read about it here. The delay was implemented because a bug was discovered that might give some users a less than optimal experience. You are free to turn on the Lightning Experience at any time though. 

On to the Spring ‘20 Salesforce Release

Salesforce is launching some great updates and new features during this release and we are excited to share what’s been announced so far about it so that you can prepare.  

On February 17th, 2020, the Spring ‘20 Release will be widely available. With a little less than a month left, here’s what we know so far: 

  • Einstein Voice Assistant: All the smarts of Einstein, now with voice control commands. Users can take notes, make changes, and log events while collecting data in Salesforce, all with the sound of their voice. (You can read more about the benefits of Voice skills here!) 
  • Trailblazer.Me: Using the Trailblazer.Me portal, you can now access multiple Salesforce supported sites from a single point of login. Users will also be able to adjust their profile and settings from a single point as well. 
  • Salesforce Surveys: Personalization and feedback are key to providing excellent customer support and satisfaction. Using Salesforce Surveys, users can create a more unique customer journey, with personalized survey questions affecting what pages and questions are shown to them based on previous answers. Additional updates include the ability to add images to survey pages. 
  • Enhanced Related Lists: Related Lists just got a great upgrade! Add up to ten columns to new Enhanced Related Lists. You can also sort and resize columns, wrap text, and perform mass actions.  
  • In-App Guidance Prompts for Lightning Experience: Making the switch to the Lightning Experience from the Classic Interface is a major move being pushed by Salesforce. If users and organizations are still hesitant to make the switch, the updated in-app guidance system will make the switch as painless as possible. Prompts for feedback, questions, guidance, and key feature announcements will help users familiarize themselves with Lightning quickly. 
  • Salesforce CMS as a Hybrid CMS: What does that mean exactly? It means that your Salesforce CMS is still a central repository for storage and access, but now is more open and able to share, syndicating content across multiple outside channels easily. Save time and effort creating content in the Salesforce CMS once and then easily sharing across channels and apps. 
  • Updated Salesforce Mobile App: The Salesforce Mobile App is being updated to provide a more integrated experience with Lightning. This is especially great for small-business owners who prioritize using the Salesforce App. 
  • High Velocity Sales: High Velocity Sales users, get ready to move even faster than before with Sales Cadence Email Branches, Email Schedules by Sales Reps, and Enhanced Reporting on dashboards and in High Velocity Sales Reports. 
  • Einstein for Service: Newly added are Einstein Case Classification and Article Recommendations, helping users resolve cases faster. Look out for bot enhancements and the ability to connect with international customers through WhatsApp. 
  • Salesforce Order Management: This ability will let users build and automate processes within Salesforce to manage the entire lifecycle of a customer’s order. Since customers expect a seamless and information experience, why not give it to them? 
  • Analytics Improvements: Analytics is getting upgrades all around, from faster Report Editing to Filed-to-Field Filtering, and even Enhancements to the Dashboard Builder. 

What’s Next?

And that’s just a short list! If you’re interested in seeing all the updates that have been announced, you can view the Spring ‘20 Release notes on Remember, the release is on February 17th, so you have a couple of weeks left to prepare. 

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