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BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.20.01 Release – Early Update 

BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.20.01 Release – Early Update 

The Latest Update for BMC Helix Remedyforce 

You may not have been prepared for an early gift in the form of the BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter ‘20 Release being pushed up several days, but here we are with the release out and ready for use. 

While you may not have known the release was going to be, well, released early, our experts at Oceanforce Solutions took the time to compile several different resources for you. Review them at your leisure or keep scrolling and read over our notes that we’ve put together to give you a brief overview, to know what to expect. 

Update Resources 

Release Overview Notes 

If you want the fast, brief version of what to expect from this launch, we have the first look at the details. Here are ten enhancements available in this release: 

  1. Remedyforce BenchmarkingThis enhancement lets you view the key performance indicators (KPIs) for Incident Management for your organization against global benchmarks derived from all Remedyforce customers. This feature is now generally available. 
  2. Import Configuration Sets to a Production Organization from its SandboxThis enhancement, being released in its Beta version, allows you to import configuration sets from a sandbox organization to its production organization. Configuration sets comprise service requests and their underlying elements such as business services, templates, and categories. 
  3. CMDB class security using permission setsAdministrators will benefit from this enhancementThey can now provide a granular control of class level access (Create, Read, Edit, Delete) using permission sets as a basis, and without altering Salesforce permission sets.  
  4. Primary Client field mapping during Remedyforce Discovery importsUsers can now populate the Primary Client field by including the primary client mapping of certain instances based on primary capabilities while importing instances of the Computer System class through Remedyforce Discovery. 
  5. CMDB Remote Control Actions by Using BMC Client Management Web ConsoleYou can use the BCM web console to perform Remote Control CMDB actions and connect to BCM devices. With this update, users can perform the remote-control action without downloading any files. 
  6. Hyperlinks in Service Request InputsAdministrators can add hyperlinks in the Request Input section of service request definitions to share policy guidelines, documents, and external links. To add hyperlinks in request inputs, select the Hyperlink option from the Response Type list. 
  7. Rich Text Instructions in Service Request DefinitionsThis enhancement is like the above updateAdministrators can add images and hyperlinks and use rich text formatting in Service Request Definitions. Click the Rich Text Instructions button to add instructions. 
  8. VPAT and WCAG Accessibility for Self Service 3.0Self Service 3.0 supports 508 compliance with respect to Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guidelines.  
  9. Auto Assignment of Staff When You Create or Update a RecordThis enhancement is applicable when a record is updated, and the Staff field is kept blank. Administrators can enable the Staff Auto Assignment functionality for an updated incident or a service request record.  
  10. Activity Feed Summarization in Remedyforce Console: This is another enhancement being released in its Beta testing. In Activity Feed, you can use the Summarization feature to view a summary of a note or an email that is large and runs over three lines. However, keep in mind that this feature is available only for incidents and service requests. 

Learning More 

We recommend learning more about these enhancements through the Resources links that we’ve provided, and by exploring the updates for yourselves in the coming weeks. There are more enhancements beyond what was covered in these short notes. There might be other updates that impact your specific account. 

If you have any questions or are unsure about how you and your BMC Helix Remedyforce account may be impacted by this update, contact an Oceanforce Solutions expert today 


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