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3 Years Of Oceanforce Solutions

3 Years of Oceanforce Solutions

Hi everyone, I’m Eric Cobb and I’m the founder of Oceanforce Solutions. Three years ago, I launched Oceanforce with the idea that I could better help people with their BMC Remedyforce and Salesforce needs as a consultant. My experience working for BMC gave me the tools and deep knowledge to provide excellent administrative guidance. 

It’s been an interesting journey to get here, and now we’re in the midst of an incredibly fast-changing global landscape. We are lucky that we’re still able to help businesses and individuals that need it. Over the years, I’ve learned several key lessons that have carved my path forward in this business and helping others. 

Here is what I recommend as best practices and to get the most out of working with consultants like us at Oceanforce Solutions: 

  1. Ask for help before things get worse. If you aren’t sure how to solve a problem or handle an error on the administrative side of your account, it doesn’t hurt to ask your consultant for their advice. We can provide insight and quick fixes if the problem is still simple. 
  2. Create a detailed roadmap and milestones for implementation of your business processes. Early planning makes things go more smoothly during an implementation. And then your consultants won’t have a hundred questions about the roadmap and milestones if you’ve already provided us with it. 
  3. Identify key stakeholders and loop them in as early as possible so there aren’t any hiccups downstream. If everyone is onboard from the beginning, work and processes won’t have to be re-done every time a new stakeholder is brought in later in the timeline. 
  4. If you’re looking to bring someone on as an administrator for your Salesforce account, compile all the necessary information and processes before choosing a consultant. Also, build a list of expectations and anticipated future projects so that we know what to expect and how to meet your expectations. 
  5. If you’re working with a consultant to help you with a Salesforce migration, have full team buy-in (or as much as possible) before we’re brought in to help. While we do know the system well and can help with any questions or concerns, we’re not usually the right fit for trying to convince your team why Salesforce is great for them. You know your team better than we do! 

I’ve had the incredible privilege of working with some amazing people at fantastic companies. Not only has Oceanforce Solutions been able to help them, but their experiences have helped me and this enterprise grow. I’d like to thank them here for those opportunities. 

I’m genuinely excited to continue working and growing Oceanforce over the next three years and beyond. If you’re looking for help with your Salesforce or BMC Remedyforce accounts, or simply need to outsource your administrative needs, I hope you’ll consider Oceanforce Solutions! 

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