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Salesforce Deep Dive: Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Deep Dive: Commerce Cloud

Today’s blog post is another Salesforce Feature Deep Dive into Commerce Cloud. We are reviewing the basics, the benefits, the requirements, and how to implement this tool in your Salesforce account. If you have specific questions about Commerce Cloud and its compatibility with your organization’s Salesforce account, you can always get in contact with our team of consultants. 

What is it?

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloudbased commerce solution, providing a platform for businesses to manage their customers’ experiences. This includes web, social, mobile, and brick and mortar stores. It is also one the leading solutions for e-commerce companies. It acts as a single point of data collection so that you can find the answers you are looking for, when and where you need them. 

Who can use it?

While technically any Salesforce account can have the Commerce Cloud adding to it, the most common types of people who use the Commerce Cloud are C-level executives who are looking for a robust bird’s eye view of viewing how their business is doing via digital channels. 

How does it work?

Commerce Cloud was built to act as the one-stop-shop for B2B and B2C companies looking to manage their e-commerce components. Users can build interconnected campaigns and shopping experiences directly in Commerce Cloud. You can also connect shopping experiences to Marketing, Sales, and Service components. You can choose from two versions based on what works best for your business: B2B Commerce Cloud or B2C Commerce Cloud.  

How does it help users?

  • Boost conversions and make better suggestions with AI-driven algorithms: As consumers flock to digital experiences for shopping, including mobile, social and web platforms, the most successful businesses are the ones that have a consistent experience across all platforms. This continuity increases the likelihood for converting leads into buyers, particularly when their buyer’s journey is entirely mapped and collected within Commerce Cloud. The tools you need to develop sophisticated suggestions for leads who haven’t committed are included in Commerce Cloud’s AI-powered algorithms. More conversions, more sales, happier customers.
  • Implement new technology faster to scale quicker: With a single platform within Salesforce allowing you to focus on your commerce channels, you can scale faster and nimbler than ever before. Salesforce’s interface already makes it easy to launch new products, services, and campaigns across all of your company’s commerce platforms.
  • Provide individuality for customers looking for personalized experiences: Today’s customers have high expectations for their commerce experiences. If they look at something online, they want to easily find it in stores. If something isn’t available in-store, it should be quick and painless to have one sent to their home after speaking with an associate in store. And viewing a product on social should be connected to mobile and web platforms of that same product as well. Commerce Cloud tracks the necessary data to provide personalized experiences while connecting all aspects of the buyer’s journey.

What problems does it solve?

  • Providing unique experiences for individual customers based on personalized data: Make customers feel special and convert more leads with personalized suggestions and experiences. Even something as simple as a product recommendation quiz helps customers feel that they are finding their idealized product. But you need the right data to build that, which is where Commerce Cloud comes into play.
  • Quickly updating interfaces and experiences for holidays, product launches, and new campaigns: The launch cycle is shorter and simpler with Commerce Cloud. Make updates across all platforms and successfully launch new services and products from a single platform.
  • Connects both digital and physical commerce points to bring the entire customer experience from start to finish into one portal: Consumers expect to interact with their favorite brands wherever they are. Whether that’s at the mall or while they are working from home. Physical and digital shopping can be evaluated and improved within Commerce Cloud’s portal.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by connecting all parts of the buyer’s journey, from discovery to delivery, to Service tools within Salesforce: Customer satisfaction doesn’t end after purchasing a product or service. To keep customers for life, brands need to build and support the infrastructures necessary to provide quality customer service.  

Preparation and Set Up

Preparing for using the Commerce Cloud is very simple. You’ll need to have a good idea if B2C Commerce Cloud or B2B Commerce Cloud is a better fit for your business. Then you’ll want to reach out to your Salesforce Account Representative to talk with them about adding the Commerce Cloud to your Salesforce account. 

Since every business’ needs are different, each account will be provided with a customized package and quote to best fit their needs. Your Salesforce account representative will thoroughly explain their recommendations and package suggestions with you before you make your decision. 

Moving forward with the Commerce Cloud

Your Salesforce Account Representative will help with getting your individual Commerce Cloud package added to your Salesforce account. From there, it’s time to improve and implement advanced commerce capabilities with your new tools! 

If this all sounds overwhelming or you’re looking for a consultant to handle the administrative work for you, contact our experts at Oceanforce Solutions. We’re happy to take a look at your account and what goals you’re looking to achieve to determine how we can best help you reach them. 

Have you had a Health Check yet?

Oceanforce helps our clients prepare for releases and can help you as well. Connect with us to order your Health Check and learn how prepared you are for this release.

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