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Snow And Remedyforce Integration Review

Snow and Remedyforce Integration Review

Today we’re going to explore some of the features in the SNOW integration with Remedyforce. Snow Software is a developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. Their software helps organizations ensure they have the appropriate licenses for the software that they use. Snow Software can be found in over 4,500 global organizations and manages licensing on over 11 million devices (desktop, mobile, cloud and datacenters).

Key Features of Snow

BMC Helix Remedyforce connectors maintain data in the Remedy and Remedyforce CMDB. This includes information related to computers, users and software. Through the Integration Manager in Snow, information is passed to BMC Helix Remedyforce that ensures this information is current.

The intergration does not limit the number of records that can be sent between Snow and BMC.

HTTPS secure connectors for Helix Remedyforce and SFDC servers.

RSA 2048-bit private key encryption for HTTPS sessions.

Risk and Compliance auditing for GDPR and PII exposure for licensed and potentially expired software.

Remedyforce and Snow Usage Examples

Push to BMC

Using BMC’s taxonomy, Snow pushes data to the CMDB. This allows Helix Remedyforce users to improve time to resolution for incidents, build and manage catalogs to support self-service provisioning and automation for changing, moving and adding processes related to license management.

Before loading into the CMDB, data pushed from Snow is placed in an evaluation area for review before commit.

Snow connectors can create inventory on an array of data points and push this information to Helix Remedyforce. This includes BIOS, computers, applications, IP endpoints, LAN endpoints, disks, memory, operating systems, adapters, processors, mobile devices and user information.

Push to Snow

This option send data from BMC to Snow’s inventory. This improves time to value and the integration affords IT the ability to maximize the value of an existing offering within the datacenter. This avoids the need to install and manage additional agents.

Helix Discovery can push information related to clients, data centers, memory, operating systems, adapters, applications, packages, processors and virtual machines to Snow for cataloging.

Oceanforce Rating for Snow

Snow is a fantastic asset management system that integrates cleanly with Helix Remedyforce. The Integration Manager is straightforward and easy to use. We definitely recommend Snow for your software asset management.

We found that installing the Snow connectors was easy. It’s important to highlight that these connectors need to reside on a machine with network access to both the BMC and License Manager Server environment since the connectors need API access.

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