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Remedyforce And Salesforce Chatter Integration Use Case

Remedyforce and Salesforce Chatter Integration Use Case

One of the really nice features of Remedyforce is their integration with Salesforce Chatter. Chatter is a collaboration and knowledge sharing application, native to, that provides users the ability to post questions, share information, request help and create collaboration groups.

Remedyforce integrates with Chatter through the use of designated hashtags. These hashtags, when used in a Chatter post, can automatically generate a support ticket.

For example, a Chatter user could post something like the following to one of their groups:

I’m unable to access my team’s file directory on the main file server in the Boston office. Is anyone else having the same issue? #ITHelp

The use of the #ITHelp hashtag, when configured to do so in Remedyforce via listeners, will automatically generate a support ticket. An automated response is then added to the post with a link to the incident ticket and a reference number.

The incident is then routed to the appropriate technician for resolution.

The user that created the post can then follow their post in their chatter feed.

Here’s some more tips on Creating Incidents in Chatter.

A couple things to keep in mind when enabling this integration:

  1. The automatic incident creation won’t work with rich-text formatted posts in Chatter. This is kind of a bummer as it limits users from being able to format their posts, but it’s a limit of the integration. You’ll need to disable that in Chatter settings.
  2. Replies and comments to the original Chatter post won’t be appended to the incident ticket.
  3. If you have multiple hashtags configured for a group and user puts multiple in their post, only the first matching hashtag will be used.
  4. Chatter polls, user status updates, and comments are not monitored for hashtags.
  5. You can use templates for this integration. Here’s how to set that up.

More and more companies are adopting remote workforces and this integration is a handy tool for IT service centers to automatically log incident tickets in the native Salesforce environment that their users are already comfortable with.

If you’re looking for more guidance on this functionality or help in getting it set up and tuned for your Remedyforce environment, let us know, we’d be happy to help.

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