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Salesforce Spring 21 Release Preview

Salesforce Spring 21 Release Preview

Salesforce is publishing a lot of great information that details what is coming up in the Spring ’21 release. We’ll highlight some of the features and enhancements that we’re looking forward to seeing.

Four of the key features that Salesforce is highlighting as generally available are:

  • Forecast Adjustments on Mobile
  • Einstein Recommendation Builder
  • Salesforce Shield for Surveys
  • Dashboard Components

To see their overview video, watch below. We’ll highlight some other features afterwards that we think are of note.

In-App Learning (Beta)

This handy feature will allow admins to create and deploy learning items for specific audiences that are relevant to what they’re doing at that time in the app. This context-sensitive help is pretty standard for SaaS apps these days and it’s nice to see this feature on the horizon.

For example, you might create/share relevant help articles for an inside sales user that is available when they’re looking at a lead and wondering what to do next.

Manual Sharing Comes to Lightning, Finally!

Classic users have long had that ability to share different types of records like leads, accounts and companies. Now they’ve finally brought that functionality over to the Lightning users and are even rolling out support for Custom Objects.

Natural Language Search on Mobile

If you can “ask Siri” or “hey Google”, why not do the same in the Salesforce mobile app. Well, you’ll soon be able to search using your phone’s native voice recognition feature to search within your Salesforce mobile app.

Better Search

Along with recommendations, Salesforce’s search has given more priority (aka boosting) to the name match which will vastly improve hits when you’re searching for something like a company name.

Customize the Salesforce Anywhere Layout

We all work differently and want to see what we want to see, right? Well, now you can organize your Salesforce Anywhere layout to show the content that’s most relevant to you. You can add, remove and reorder record layouts to what works best for you.

Salesforce Meetings

This feature is going to make your routine sales meetings a lot more productive. Integration with Zoom, a better viewing experience, a one-page prep list (Meeting Digest) and the ability to add notes lets reps be more interactive than ever.

Call Collections

Gone are the days of having to sit on training calls with new reps and then coaching them afterwards on what you think they could’ve done differently. With Call Collections, sales managers can assemble calls together and share them out to their team where they can be used as a training aid.

Lightning Email Templates for Alerts

At last! Used to be you could only use Classic templates when you set up email alerts. The day has finally arrived where Lightning templates can be used. Huzzah!

Adios Pardot Logins

The time has finally come where Salesforce has forced all the Pardot users to use the Salesforce SSO. It looks like the migration from that purchase many moons ago has finally come close to wrapping up and it’ll only be accessible through the Salesforce login going forward.

For the full scoop on the Spring ’21 release, check out the Salesforce portal here.

What’s next?

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