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Salesforce Winter ’22 Release – Service Focus

Salesforce Winter ’22 Release – Service Focus

With the Winter ’22 release of Salesforce, the Service Cloud is seeing a host of new features and enhancements. We’ll touch on some of them in this blog post. To read even more details, we encourage Salesforce admins to review the Winter ’22 release notes here.

We’ll focus this post on the features and changes that can be found in the Service Cloud subscriptions of Salesforce.

Service Interruptions and Incident Management

Any Service Cloud subscriber will have access to Incident Management and is enabled via a simple toggle in your org’s setup. Once enabled, Incident Management helps your escalation teams quickly identify the problems and enables tasks to be created and assigned to technicians for resolution.

After diagnosing a fix for issue, a change request can be generated to get the issue resolution approved and deployed. This historical information trail helps prevent future outages caused by the same problem and assists escalation specialists triage future issues.

Customer Satisfaction and NetPromoter Survey Templates

Soliciting customer feedback when issues are resolved helps everyone on your team understand not only the issue your customer encountered, but also how well your team handled the problem and the resolution for your customer.

Existing Service App users can simply refresh via the Update My Service App in the ribbon at the top of the page. New Service App users can enable surveys via the Service Setup Assistant.

Once enabled, the templates are there for your use, simply copy the desired template and modify for your org.

Channels – Voice, Messaging, Chat

Salesforce has improved the telephony & Voice integration setup, including enhanced contact flows and improved routing of voice, messaging, and chat to agents.

Additionally, they are releasing the Beta version of the Omni-Channel Flows which will allow you to configure routing rules in the same place as all your other channels. This also includes real-time queue metrics in the Omni Supervisor interface.

On the reporting side, they’ve unified the Call Statuses for all Call Types which should eliminate some of the confusing when building reports and they’ve nuked the Transferred status entirely.

In Messaging, they’ve introduced the ability to end sessions for up to 200 occurrences at one time.

They’ve also fixed a nagging issue that used to create duplicate welcome messages when a chat session was transferred or using conference features.

Routing With Omni-Channel Flows

The omni-channel flows routing is now generally available and streamlines processes for getting your customer connected to the right service agent. There have been a few changes to how this feature works since the beta release, so be sure to dive into the release notes to make sure you have your flows buttoned up right.

You can also enable a pop-up that appears on an agent’s screen when a session is transferred to them. This can include information like the contact record, prior incidents, and order history.

Omni-Channel Flow supports voice calls, chats, messaging sessions, cases, leads, and custom objects.

Winter ’22 Is Coming…Are You Ready?

As the Salesforce Winter ’22 release is updated across your org, remember that you can always contact us here at OceanForce Solutions for help & guidance with your upgrade. The best way to ensure your org is ready is to order a Health Check from OceanForce and we’ll analyze your setup and make sure your upgrade is seamless.

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