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Salesforce Flows: Planning Your Move From Workflows And Process Builder

Salesforce Flows: Planning your move from Workflows and Process Builder

You may or may not be aware, but with the advent of the Flows functionality in Salesforce, the gradual sun-setting of Workflows and Process Builder has begun. While it will take time for Salesforce to nudge everyone over to the Flows features, it is worth noting that savvy administrators should start planning now.

The Salesforce Architect blog does an excellent job of explaining the difference between Flows, Workflows and Process Builder and provides guidance on which method is recommended for a given use case.

Salesforce has plans for their migration of Workflow and Process Builder functionality into Flows. It won’t happen overnight, but it is on their roadmap and should be considered. If it can be built using Flows, build it using Flows. This will avoid a down-the-road need to migrate functionality in your production environment. Here’s their current plan that was explained at Dreamforce ’21.

  • Migration tool for Workflow Rules – Spring ’22 release
  • Migration tool for Process Builder – Summer ’22 release
  • Workflow & Process Builder functionality retired – Winder ‘23

Here’s a consolidated table based off the use case considerations in the Salesforce Architect blog post that highlights functionality availability in Flows (before save and after save, Flow combined with Apex, and Apex alone).

Salesforce Flows Use Case Recommendations


While there is some runway before Salesforce removes the Workflow and Process Builder functionality, it is prudent to start analyzing your current production environment and roadmap to ensure your org is going to be ready when these changes come.

Check back later as we’ll try to keep providing updates as more information becomes available.

We recommend scheduling a Salesforce Health Check with Oceanforce where we can review your environment and identify the areas that you’ll need to focus on migrating and help you develop an action plan to migrate with as little production disruption as possible. Connect with us today and schedule your Health Check.

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