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BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter ’22 Release Overview

BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter ’22 Release Overview

BMC recently released their latest rev of Helix Remedyforce Winter ’22 and we’re going to provide some insights on the feature set that is in the release.

Remedyforce Automatic Upgrade dates only apply to ORGs running the latest major patched version of Remedyforce.

Remedyforce Winter ’22 – The following are the key features of the release that we’ll address:

  • CI/Asset Lookup Filter
  • Default Values in Service Requests
  • Console Enhancements
  • Configuration of Email Subject
  • 10k Row Limit in Console

CI/Asset Lookup Filter

BMC has added a new field to their Fulfillment Input filter that allows techs to limit their search to a Client or Client Account query.  The field options are:

  • Client – limits to records related solely to that client
  • Client Account – limits to all clients associated to the account
  • All – removes limit on the filter

Default Values in Service Requests

Supported in Self Service 3.0, Self Service mobile, Experience Cloud and Console, the feature allows default values to be set for SRD inputs. These values (read-only or editable) can be taken from the User object or defined as static text.

This includes values like Date, Date/Time, Number, Text Area and Text Field.

Console Enhancements

Configuration of Email Subject

Email subjects can be defined by Admins for each ticket type by merging fields from a specified object. This allows for the subject lines to be automatically generated and pre-filled with relevant information.

10k Row Limit in Console

Previously, searches would yield only the first 10,000 records in a search and any filtering/sorting after that was only performed on those results versus applying to the complete data set. This fix now applies the filter and sorts to all record in an object that matches the view criteria.

Here is some information Admins can use to test the release in their sandbox before deploying:

BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.22.01 sandbox testing guidelines

Interested in having an expert analyze your Helix Remedyforce environment to ensure you’re ready for the production push in April? Contact us for a BMC Helix Remedyforce Health Check today.

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