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Using Salesforce to Scale Your Business

Salesforce is a large company, and many large businesses use the Salesforce platform. However, your business doesn’t have to be a multinational conglomerate to benefit from all the tools that Salesforce has to offer. You don’t even have to have an internal team of Salesforce administrators to make the…

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Customer Service Desk Satisfaction

Increasing Your Customer Service Desk Satisfaction

The concept of customer satisfaction has shifted over the course of the last several decades, from satisfaction with a transaction to meeting a customer’s expectations from beginning to end. This idea evolved again with the prevalence of social media. Anyone with a Facebook, Instagram, or…

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Salesforce Deep Dive: Commerce Cloud

Today’s blog post is another Salesforce Feature Deep Dive into Commerce Cloud. We are reviewing the basics, the benefits, the requirements, and how to implement this tool in your Salesforce account. If you have specific questions about Commerce Cloud and its compatibility with your organization’s Salesforce account, you can always get…

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Three Year Anniversary For Oceanforce Solutions

3 Years of Oceanforce Solutions

Hi everyone, I’m Eric Cobb and I’m the founder of Oceanforce Solutions. Three years ago, I launched Oceanforce with the idea that I could better help people with their BMC Remedyforce and Salesforce needs as a consultant. My experience working for BMC gave me the tools and deep…

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A Customer Service Representative Working To Solve A Service Desk Ticket

The Real Cost Per Service Desk Ticket

“Cost per ticket” may be the supposed reigning champ of service desk metrics but relying on a single metric alone isn’t enough. In addition, “cost per ticket” doesn’t reveal the entire truth about the real cost per service desk ticket. Even worse:…

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How and Why You Should Choose a Certified Consultant

Why do Certifications Matter?  When it comes to choosing a consultant for hire, it can feel overwhelming. Who do you choose and who do you trust? How do you make the right decision?  While you may not need a certification to become a consultant, many consultants get certifications to show qualifications for a certain platform or skill set. Just like…

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