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The Oceanforce Solutions Blog covers topics related to BMC Remedyforce, and ITSM industry news and updates. Subscribe for information related to upcoming releases, trends in the ITSM industry and for news related to Oceanforce Solutions services.

08Jul 20

Increasing Your Customer Service Desk Satisfaction

The concept of customer satisfaction has shifted over the course of the last several decades, from satisfaction with a transaction to meeting a customer’s expectations from beginning to end. This idea evolved again with…

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24Jun 20

Salesforce Deep Dive: Commerce Cloud

Today’s blog post is another Salesforce Feature Deep Dive into Commerce Cloud. We are reviewing the basics, the benefits, the requirements, and how to implement this tool in your Salesforce account. If you have specific questions…

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11Jun 20

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Primer

The Salesforce Summer ’20 Release is set to be globally available on July 20, 2020. We’ve pulled together some resources and some thoughts about some upcoming features that we’d like to share about the upcoming, Service-related features that we’re excited about.
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