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Three Year Anniversary For Oceanforce Solutions

3 Years of Oceanforce Solutions

Hi everyone, I’m Eric Cobb and I’m the founder of Oceanforce Solutions. Three years ago, I launched Oceanforce with the idea that I could better help people with their BMC Remedyforce and Salesforce needs as a consultant. My experience working for BMC gave me the tools and deep…

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How and Why You Should Choose a Certified Consultant

Why do Certifications Matter?  When it comes to choosing a consultant for hire, it can feel overwhelming. Who do you choose and who do you trust? How do you make the right decision?  While you may not need a certification to become a consultant, many consultants get certifications to show qualifications for a certain platform or skill set. Just like…

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Why Choose BMC Helix Remedyforce For Your Business?

Choosing BMC Helix Remedyforce As small businesses start growing towards becoming mid-size businesses, they often run into the same uncomfortable growing pains: hiring troubles, questions of technology acquisitions, and establishment of new processes for needed policies. ITSM, or IT service management, is a necessary part…

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